Sustainability aims at the well-being of future generations, without harming our ecosystem and its resources.
We assume the challenge of working and keeping sustainability as a central focus of all our work.

We carry out our activities efficiently ensuring transparency about the origin and application of resources. In this sense, all the stages of development of our products seek to promote the preservation of the environment and the care of natural resources.
From 2013, all air conditioning equipment must use R410A refrigerant, which will replace the existing R-22. It is an ecological alternative that will be mandatory in products manufactured in Argentina.

Eco-friendly gas R410A in air conditioners:
equal time, less energy, more green.


What is R410A?

It is a high security refrigerant, classified by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) as A1/A1, i.e., non-toxic and non-flammable even in case of leaks.
R410A has more cooling capacity and pressures much higher than R22. Since it does not have chlorine in its composition it does not damage the ozone layer.

Equipment loaded with R410A: 

• Works with pressures 60% higher than the ones loaded with R22.
• Has 30% more refrigeration power than R22.
• Has 10-20% lower power consumption.
• Has a lower discharge temperature.
• The diameters of pipes and components are smaller.
• R410A uses a synthetic oil, POE

The inclusion of the R410A requires changes in the equipment inputs. In this sense, it is estimated that initially, the new air conditioners will have a higher price than the ones currently used. However, as production increases, prices will tend to be balanced.